How Anger Can Take Over

When we are worked up and angry about something, it’s interesting how blind we can become and not even realise.

Yet, in hindsight we can often see where our blinders were.

Take a simple example:

You tell your daughter (or niece or son) that she needs to tidy her room today. She gets a reminder in the morning, and then later after school. But every time you glance in her room for a little check in – it’s still not done.

After dinner, it’s still not done.

After homework, it’s still not done.

An hour left for bedtime and you’re wondering how she’s going to fit it in.

You try to keep your cool as you go around the house thinking maybe she’s genuinely caught up in something so I don’t want to freak out on her unnecessarily.

You find her in the living room… on her phone!

You jump into the skin of the ‘you’ that you really don’t like to, and start shouting, frowning and force her into her room to tidy it.

30 mins later - Room Tidied. Job Done.

Or is it?

Do you ever feel guilty after such an episode?

Get upset with yourself for having lost it?

I totally understand how it’s possible to go from zero to crazy, because that would happen to me way back too.

In fact, you and I are not the only ones to have experienced it. My clients have too…

The only difference is that they got on a Peaceful Parenting Breakthrough Session with me to learn how to effortlessly find peace internally, yes, effortlessly.

With that peace from inside, it’s so much more difficult to jump straight into crazy zone, and if my clients do, they come out of it much quicker than they ever have. 

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