Are Daughter In-laws The Baddies?

Almost everyone I've ever spoken to knows this narrative...

She gets married, he says they need to live with in-laws, there's tension, tough conversations don't take place, there's more tension, they hit rock bottom and eventually they need to leave and get their own place as the marriage is suffering.

Many a times there’s a happy ending to the above, alhumdulilah.

But I’d like to focus in on the story itself.

There's usually goodies and baddies in the story - depending on who is telling the story to who.

If it's a gathering of mother in-laws, the focus is more often than not all the wrong that the daughter in-law did. 

And if it’s a gathering of married women who are daughter in-laws, you can bet the focus is around all the wrong the mother in-law did.

You know what's really strange? 

If someone tells of a different narrative and has nothing but praises for their daughter in-law or mother in-law, people might secretly believe they're just being polite and don't want to openly say anything bad for fear of gossiping. (But they MUST be hiding the truth, right?).

Or, they envy that person for having a unique, rare relationship and wonder why they themselves ended up with the short straw.

With all this narrative around, it’s no wonder our singletons can feel apprehensive about marriage and their soon to be mother-in-law.

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