Stretching Ourselves Beyond Limits And Hitting Burn Out

A few days ago, I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and at one point I just knew that I should stop and leave the rest for tomorrow. I was super tired, and as I hadn’t recovered fully from a blip in my health, I couldn’t do as much as I normally would have.

You might have experienced something similar…

Your back is beginning to hurt and you need to lie down, or the cup of tea you were meant to enjoy after cleaning is getting cold because your tasks keep piling up, or you desperately want to pray Isha prayer and sleep, or something else is a reminder that it’s time to stop…

But instead, you push yourself beyond your limit.

Instead of leaving the extra dishes until tomorrow, you go way beyond discomfort just to complete the task.

Then you notice the rubbish is overflowing so you push yourself to put that outside. 

Then you go into the living room and notice your little one had left out toys so you push yourself to tidy them all away.

Then you head towards your bedroom to collapse in bed, and on the way, you briefly check the kids are in bed, but notice they’ve left clothes on the floor. 

You go to pick them up and at this point you wish you could make yourself STOP!

It just seems like you can’t stop running around on this hamster wheel of life, despite how desperately you want a break.

How do you get yourself to stop? 

How do you quieten the noise in your mind that keeps telling you to get up and do what needs done, even when your body is telling you enough is enough!

What we see is the desire to have a tidy home, or get our tasks completed, or just do what people around us need from us.

What we fail to see when we’re stretching ourselves beyond limits is the negative consequences of doing so. 

Exhausting ourselves to fulfil our family’s needs today might mean we have nothing to give them tomorrow, or we won’t be very efficient, or we’ll just be really moody and stressed!

Instead, if we could stop before we get close to our limit, we would be able to take care of ourselves in order to re-energise and give to others more consistently, and in a healthier manner.

Putting ourselves last on the priority list means we neglect our needs – and that's crazy!

Would we ever ignore a 'need' of a family member?
I could bet the answer is no (except I don't bet 😊).

Most things we do for our family and others in our lives can wait. They don’t need to be done urgently. The urgency often comes from ourselves.

However, there is one exception.

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