The Emptiness of Social Media

Many of us have known the ill effects of too much screen time, getting too involved in social media and having an imbalance of tech over real human interaction.

I don’t think we anticipated, though, how lockdown would exponentially increase our use of laptops, iPads, tablets, phones and any other gadget we can get our hands on.

As a coach and counsellor, every day I get to see the inner game of what’s going on under the surface in people’s lives, and have noticed the huge ill effect of social media specifically during lockdown.

If you ever imagined that people can feel lonely, inadequate and insecure when deeply absorbed in social media, multiply that by a million times more now that we’re all at home and use our devices for most of the day!

If you’re single, are struggling to find your ideal spouse and follow married women on social media who are posting the joyful things they get up to with her husbands, guess what? You may well find yourself feeling worse about your struggle to get married.

If you’re struggling with self esteem and body image issues, and you follow every celebrity you wish you could look like on social media, you might forget that their image in real life is very different, and much more ‘normal’.

Filling your mind via social media can get you further into a space where you just don’t feel good about yourself.

However, lockdown plus social media don’t have to bring you an emptiness that brings you down.

In the same way your use of social media can be used in a healthy way, you can also cruise through lockdown in a much healthier manner, with some inner game help.

Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear. So for sure, you and I can bear this.

And from my experience of working with sisters, we can bear it in a healthy way, a peaceful way and more content way, without any emptiness tearing us down. 

If you’d like to experience a lighter, more content lockdown, the inner game is where it all happens.

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