Relationships and Serious Illness

I was speaking to someone recently who mentioned that she experiences some physical issues during her time of the month that she feels might not be normal.

So, she decided to do what any of us would - Google it! :)

What she discovered was something very unpleasant. It appeared as though the symptoms she had could be the cause of a serious illness.

Thus began her worry.

BEFORE she Googled anything about it, she didn't know she had any illness. She had no worry whatsoever.

AFTER she Googled, she still didn't know she had any illness - but she was laden with worry.

What changed?

Both before and after Googling, she didn't know for sure she had an illness. But at one point she's happy and care free, and another point she's worrying and can't sleep at night.

The only thing that changed was how she thought about her health. Thought was the only variable.

Figuring out the real true reason why we are happy or worried, can often make or break a relationship.

I speak to sisters all the time who are so close to divorce and can't see light at the end of the tunnel.

While slowly drawing closer and closer to parting from their spouse, some of them are smart enough to reach out to discover the Psychological Reality and subsequently decide to turn their marriage around.

Alhumdulilah, they are now nowhere near divorce and have come through that dark tunnel to the light they never thought existed.

Below is where you too can find much needed light if you find yourself in a tunnel, and no, it's not a link to Google! :)