Is Death Difficult To Discuss?

I was doing the whole bed time routine with my little one last night. Usually he recites his duas (supplications), I tell him I love him and then I be silent and he nods off within minutes. 
(Unless it’s one of those nights – and if you’re a mum you know exactly what I mean). 😊

This time, I said “Allah hafidh” at the end. It means Allah is the Protector, but is often used as ‘goodbye’.

I wasn’t expecting his response.

“Mama, don’t say Allah hafidh because then I think you’re going to go”.

I actually thought he was talking about death, but it turned out he was worried I would leave his room after he slept.

I explained that I was saying it because we’re going to sleep and won’t see each other until morning. 

(Well, I was going to leave his room too, but let’s not highlight that to him while the poor guy's trying to sleep!). :)

He accepted my response and nodded off.

I began wondering if I really would see him in the morning... The raw truth is that Allah knows if I will be alive, and I don’t know.

With so many people around me having passed away recently, death has been on my mind more than usual.

Many people feel very uncomfortable talking about death, or even thinking about it- whether that’s their own or that of a loved one.

With a deep awareness of how our emotions work, it doesn't need to be so overwhelming, or unbearable to think about leaving this world one day. It’s a reality we will all go through.

If you're struggling with the death of a loved one, or fearing death to the point where it’s paralysing you, knowing your Psychological Reality will be a game changer for you. With the truth of how our minds work, it's possible to figure out how you can get past such struggles or fear, and live in this moment instead of remaining in worry about an uncertain future.

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