The Kardashians And Mismatched Socks

I often wonder where my children’s socks go. 

It's almost like they disappear into thin air... Though my hunch is that they're probably under the bed, behind the radiator, or somewhere under the rainbow! 😊

Regardless of where the socks might be hiding, one thing I certainly can't hide is how obvious mismatched socks look when my kids can't find the pairs anymore.

It's even worse when they decide to wear one dark sock and one light coloured sock - they can be noticed from a mile away!

I've learned from others around me that this mismatched sock thing is actually pretty common.

But there's many problems that mismatched sock life could bring people:
  • They could feel very insecure about what people will think about their children wearing mismatched socks. 
  • They could feel insecure about people judging their ability to 'keep it all together' in the laundry department.
  • They could start to believe that if my kids don't look well dressed, I'll somehow be judged as being 'lower class' in some crazy way!
It's about Keeping up with the Joneses? Isn't it?
Or the Kardashians.

Ahh... So that's where this mismatched sock thing was trying to take me in life - from socks to the Kardashians!

Isn't it crazy where our thoughts can lead us and where we end up?

You would never have thought socks would be connected to the Kardashians. (I don't know if they would appreciate that connection either - sorry Kim and co).

But I've heard so many strange connections in my life as a counsellor and as a coach, you'd be surprised:
  • From wet towel left in bathroom to ‘this marriage can't work’
  • From birthday present to ‘he doesn't love me’
  • From argument with in-laws to ‘I'm out of this marriage’
  • From fun outdoor activity to ‘divorce is inevitable’
  • From my son did something wrong to ‘he got kicked out the house’
  • From my daughter is interested in a boy to ‘she needs to marry someone else from back home quickly’
Our thoughts can go in any direction at any time. That doesn't necessarily mean there IS a connection, but at the time, it completely LOOKS LIKE there's a connection.

Without clarity, we can end up doing and saying crazy things that we regret later. Many people needlessly suffer from the dire consequences of where their thoughts lead them to. 

You don’t need to traverse that path. 

Really, you don’t.

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