What About the Teens?

I've got a little thought experiment for you today…

What would you do if you bumped into a friend whilst walking down the street and she had her little 6 month old baby with her in a pushchair?

I’m guessing you’d say salaam to your friend and instantly turn to the baby, say coochy coo and interact with the baby. (or however you do your coochy coo-ing!).

Maybe you’d ask to pick up the baby to hold her, or start playing with her.
And if it’s a newborn, you’d probably ignore your friend and meet the baby first! (It’s amazing how often that happens, and we really need to be mindful of looking after our new mums).

What do you think happens when we bump into a friend with, not a baby, but her teen daughter in the street?

For the vast majority of my life, I’ve witnessed almost every single teen be ignored in such situations.

Let me say that again - Almost. Every. Single. Teen. Ignored.

If she’s a 20 something, then we’ll have something to chat about and acknowledge she’s there.
If it’s a baby, she’s definitely on our radar from afar and we’ll interact with her.

But if it’s a Teen - it’s like we assume she must live on another planet, so there’s no need to acknowledge she’s physically there. There’s no need to interact.

No wonder Teens would rather pull out their phones and engage with someone virtual, than the humans in their physical presence who don’t appear to notice they are there.

I’ve always found this really strange and often wondered why this is… but that’s another story for another day.

Today, I’d like to invite you to check out the CLARITY coaching program I created specifically for Teen girls. Well, when I say check it out - the doors are actually closed - so I actually mean that you can read about it, and see if it's something worthwhile for your teen.

I'm not being funny, but I think it's a whole load more than just worthwhile!

You can find out more about it, but can't purchase it. (I'm busy focusing my energy on the first lot of Teens that got in the first time round).

You can, however, get onto the CLARITY waiting list to find out when my schedule next allows me to open the doors (click on this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page).

So, go ahead and check out more info on the CLARITY program here, and get yourself onto the CLARITY waiting list here by scrolling to the bottom of the link to sign up.

PS - I'm pretty certain that if you forward this blog post to the mums of Teens you know - they'll thank you later :)