When Things Don't Go As Planned

A couple of years ago, we had intended to buy a certain car. It was just what we needed; more space in the back for the kids and their growing bodies, bigger boot space and of course, it wasn't a rust bucket 😊

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However, I asked our trusted family member who knows more about cars than everyone else put together! And he came up with another plan... A plan which meant the car I had been thinking of getting was now simply not going to happen.

I have to say, my heart was still inclined to the one I'd been imagining myself in, but everything he advised made perfect practical and logical sense.

Eventually I got over it and felt totally fine with the change of plans - after all, it's just a car!

However, I was reminded of a sister whose marriage was really struggling. It got to the point where she believed they were bound to part ways, and had started imagining herself with another man she knew of.

It was all in her mind, and so, it was all seemingly innocent - except that her heart was telling her it was wrong. She was a married woman longing to be with someone else.

Then, her marriage turned...

For the better.

Her husband put all his efforts into saving their marriage, and upon seeing that, she too felt the need to give their marriage another shot.

That's when she realised the damaging effects of dreaming about being with the other man (even though he had no idea about any of it!). Because of the thoughts she dwelled on and became addicted to, she struggled to re-commit to her marriage.

It was a difficult internal struggle, but with the insight and awareness of her coaching with me, she was able to have deep realisations that allowed her to recognise what was going on internally and make the shifts necessary to commit to her loving husband once again.


Now, that's way more amazing than me being okay with a different car than I had imagined!

But the solution to the problem was the same - understanding how Allah has created us internally, and how that can lead us into a fantasy world that can cause us deep problems.

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