How Clutter Piles Up In Your Mind

When we start physically decluttering our house, it feels great!

The tidy rooms, the clear surfaces and the bigger spaces bring a sense of light airiness into our homes.

Well, that’s until someone comes along and plonks their unopened letters on a newly cleared kitchen worktop! 😊

As frustrating as it might be to see some letters lying on top of all the effort you put in, you might decide to leave them there so you can get others to take responsibility and put their own belongings where they should be.

You’re aware that’s pretty risky though, as such surfaces tend to be ‘hot spots’ where clutter can easily and quickly start to pile up again. ‘Mess attracts mess’ as they say.

With many people getting the time and awareness to declutter before Ramadhan, you might currently be more aware of such ‘hot spots’ in your house.

Something similar also happens in our minds, but we might not be so aware of it. 

When we have hang-ups about an issue in our lives, we tend to have unnecessary, unhelpful thinking that makes the noise in our minds get louder and louder.

For most people, the thoughts linger around and have the potential to cause some real damage to emotional health, relationships and contribute to much unhappiness. I hear this all the time from sisters I speak to, and it doesn’t even matter what the original issue they had was. The thoughts compound and can cause all sorts of turmoil for people.

Except for those who begin to get a grip on what's going on for them internally. They understand the need to declutter their minds of the unhelpful noise that heavily weighs them down.

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