How Scary Will It Be When Your Kids Fly The Nest?

What kind of parents will we be when our kids are married and move on to start their own family?

How many times have we heard of marriages where the in-laws play a hand in the issues the marriage is facing?

I'm sure neither of us want to be such in-laws - may Allah protect us.

Many many years ago, a friend once shared a scary thought with me.

As she and I are both homeschoolers (including outwith Covid times), we have been with our children most of their lives. Had they gone to school, they …

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The Kardashians And Mismatched Socks

I often wonder where my children’s socks go. 

It's almost like they disappear into thin air... Though my hunch is that they're probably under the bed, behind the radiator, or somewhere under the rainbow! 😊

Regardless of where the socks might be hiding, one thing I certainly can't hide is how obvious mismatched socks look when my kids can't find the pairs anymore.

It's even worse when they decide to wear one dark sock and one light coloured sock - they can be noticed from a mile away!

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How To Bond With Our Children

As parents, when we plan how much time in the week we intend to spend with our children, it’s easy to focus on how much time we’re spending with them, as opposed to the quality of interactions between us.

Many sisters organise their work around their kids school hours so that they can be at home when the kids get home mashaAllah.

When we are around our kids on a daily basis, how do we interact with them?

What kind of communication exists between us?

Without intentional communication we can…

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When Lack Of Confidence Takes Over Your Parenting

What makes little toddlers so confident?

They seem to just carry on with their own business with no worries.

Even if that's walking towards a staircase that they could potentially fall down from... No worries, they'll just do an impressive wobbly U-turn right at the edge of the top stair and miraculously save themselves! (Alhumdulilah for the angels that protect our kids).

Kids are funny; despite being smaller than us, they scare us all the time! 

I remember a friend’s 8 year old climbing …

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How Anger Can Take Over

When we are worked up and angry about something, it’s interesting how blind we can become and not even realise.

Yet, in hindsight we can often see where our blinders were.

Take a simple example:

You tell your daughter (or niece or son) that she needs to tidy her room today. She gets a reminder in the morning, and then later after school. But every time you glance in her room for a little check in – it’s still not done.

After dinner, it’s still not done.

After homework, it’s still not done…

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